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About us
Antalpha is not your ordinary startup; we're a tight-knit family of forward-thinkers determined to reshape the AI landscape in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Our journey began humbly, with just three individuals driven by a shared vision. As we grew from that modest beginning into a dynamic team of twenty, we recognized a significant gap in the pace of AI development in this region compared to other parts of the world. This realization fueled our drive to make a difference. We're not just about innovation; we're about sharing knowledge, empowering the tech community, and accelerating AI progress in Asia. With a collective commitment to be the driving force behind AI image technology in Southeast Asia, we're excited to illuminate the path toward a more vibrant and inclusive AI future for the region.
Our Services
Text to Image
Enter descriptions of your imaginations and watch it come to life!
Image to Image
Enhance and modify images to add some magic to it!
AI Digital Avatar
Personalize your own digital avatar with 100+ styles!
Coming Soon!
Antalpha.AI Partnership Network
Our website boasts a specialized partnership channel, focused on fostering community growth and simplifying payment processes. In collaboration with our esteemed global partners, we’re committed to providing our worldwide users with seamless and forward-thinking experiences.
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Our dedicated committee members
  • Clay
  • Randy
  • James
    Country Manager
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    BD manager
  • Kevin S
    Marketing Manager
  • Andrew C H
    Art Specialist
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For business inquiries, contact us through WhatsApp, email or go to Discord to chat with our admins, let's redefine the design landscape and unleash the future of creativity!
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